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new website

We are currently redoing our website. ETA for site completion is 4/10/2009. If you notice any problems or would like to give us any suggestions, please feel free to do so. Until we get the new site up, our old site will be linked to this page.

storage needs

Parkwood Properties has a property opening up for your commercial storage needs today!Currently, Parkwood Properties has properties for both sale and rent. Please select the Property above to view.

These property pages are currently under review and will be updated periodically. If you do not see a proprty listed, please contact us.


recent news & developments

New Empty Lot Listings!

We will be updating our list of properties soon, with emphasis on our new lots and 2009 rental buildings!

Dream ServiceBroadway Lot Leveled

In anticipation for new development, the Broadway lot was leveled this past March. The now empty lot sits in a prime spot, just two blocks down from the Hwy 65 and Hwy 50 intersection.

American Champion Sold!

Parkwood Properties has sold their American Champion Scout. Thank you for all of your inquiries, and we wish the new company many happy flights!